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Pressotherapy (Pressodermie) is an exclusive detoxifying treatment, which through effective lymphatic drainage, helps to promote the body's natural toxin clearing functions. The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine the legs, and arms while enhancing skin tone.

Pressotherapy is a computer controlled compression system, which operates using inflating pumps. The device has five separate chambers, which are positioned around the limbs. These focus on moving the venous and lymph flow, starting from the ankles and moving to the upper thighs. Designed to increase blood circulation and lymph flow, Pressotherapy enhances extra-cellular fluid clearance, reduces bloating, swelling and oedema, alleviates leg fatigue and improves oxygen flow through the whole body.

A great, relaxing alternative to liposuction, which can be coupled with vacuomobilization treatments for exceptional results.

  • Recommended for the treatment of cellulite.
  • Slimming and detoxifying. A safe alternative to liposuction.
  • Body shaping and profiling. 
  • Relieves pain and swelling, and provides immediate comfort.
  • Redefines the legs, and arms while enhancing skin tone.
  • Duplicates the action of massage.
  • Effective Lymphatic Drainage

When should you use Pressotherapy?
If you are looking for lymphatic drainage to detoxify the body, or body contouring. If you are having discomfort, fatigue or fluid retention. Those suffering from lymphedema of the lower extremities, post surgical or congenital conditions. Pre, intra and post phases of surgery benefit greatly from the complement of Pressotherapy.

Contra-indications include: Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Acute infection of the affected limb, Presence of any pain or numbness, Cardiac Heart Failure (CHF), Any instance where increase venous and lymphatic return is undesirable.


Vacuotherapy (Vacuodermie) is a non-invasive procedure in which a vacuum is applied to the skin. The vacuum increases the blood flow at different levels of the skin while simultaneously stretching the connective tissue to allow room for more circulation. It also relieves congestion due to the swelling of fat lobes in overloaded areas.
The overall stimulation of local circulation (arterial, venous, and lymphatic) generates better exchanges at the cell level and consequently increases metabolism to include oxygenation, elimination of toxic wastes, and cell rejuvenation. Stretching the connective tissue loosens the connective fibers, stimulates the production of collagen, and increases the resiliency of the elastic fibers to achieve firmer, more toned skin, while improving its physical and mechanical qualities.

  • Stimulates the skin metabolism.
  • Enhances collagen production.
  • Revitalizes dull, aging skin
  • Reduces acne scars & blemishes.
  • Regain youthful appearance.
  • Skin rejuvenation, modern cupping techniques.
  • Stress relief, pain management.
  • Body profiling, detoxification.
  • Relieves post-operative swelling.
  • Reduces wound healing time.

When should you use Vacuotherapy?
Vacuotherapy is an excellent choice for relieving post-surgical, or simple edema (eg. eye puffiness), providing local fluid resorption and fatigue relief, and reducing cellulite. This is the tool of choice to address skin tone and elasticity deficiencies, wrinkles and dull complexions. A non-invasive technique, it helps boost collagen reproduction for a smoother, younger looking skin. Described as an alternative to liposuction, Vacuodermie improves the exchange between microcirculation and extracellular fluids, allowing the body to dispose of toxins naturally for instant firming and tightening.



Includes 30 minute Vacuotherapy & 30 minute Pressotherapy.

60 Minutes        $70

Pressotherapy treatment for poor circulation to legs/feet (or arms), those suffering diabetes, lymphodema etc

30 minutes       $45

Treatment for stretchmarks, face wrinkes, cellulite, body contouring, lymphatic drainage, & Myofascial Release (MFR).

30 minutes       $50
60 minutes       $70

Pressotherapy add on to massage.   $25

Vacuotherapy add on to massage.    $25*

Treatments are available with our Massage Specialists Stephanie & Eyvette only. 

*Esthetician Marie also offers Lymphobiology (lymphatic vacuotherapy) $25 add on to 60 minute Skin Care Facials.